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Playing online casino games without logging in has never been as easy as today, because here on site you will find the largest selection of gambling on the internet. With just one click, you can select a game and start zocking directly without registering or downloading.

Online casino games would have an extremely high addictive potential, warns Goller. It is clear that there is a paradigm shift in which the protection against the dangers of gambling is now only subordinated to economic interests.

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2019: PayPal, Novoline and Mercury withdraw due to the still unfinished regulation, some large providers are temporarily withdrawing from the US market. Meanwhile, it is apparent that instead of a general US regulation, each federal state wants to organise its own regulation of online gambling.

Players should be able to control the real money casinos for the all-out charge of gaming fun and entertainment. These are the providers in which real money can be played online without any problems. However, these casinos differ from the game money casinos on further points. And: We analyze exactly which providers are really to be recommended as real-money contact points. So, take a look and get started!

This results in an extensive illegal market for online providers. According to the supervisory authority, the current situation in USA is approx. 2,000 online platforms are active.

Decisive factors in the evaluation

Of course, it is also important to us that you can not only play in the best online casinos with real money. But the free game is also a decisive factor.

When it comes to slot machines, there are no limits to creativity, because you will not only find the right slot for each theme, but you can try different styles, about three reels, five reels or the more modern tumbling reels. In addition, slots often have many hidden extras and very individual payout rates.

Both the casino bonus for the deposit and the no-deposit bonus can be worthwhile if the player deals more fully with the associated bonus conditions.

This means that the world of slots has become very confusing and so many of them feel that they have been killed by the online casinos. We therefore give you a small introduction to online slot machines here.

For the above reason, we have not only looked at companies ' profit rates, but also the repayment ratio in general. It results from the average of all games. Those who work a little on the topic, who knows: especially jackpot games throw away only low profit rates, because if it comes to a payout, then it often goes by several hundred thousand, if not by millions of euros.

The land between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, on the other hand, adopted its own gambling law, in which it allowed both sports betting providers and online casinos to purchase licences from the Land. At the beginning of 2019, these licenses ran out. But the Jamaica coalition passed a law in the middle of the year, which extended the licenses.

In order to get the license from Schleswig-Holstein, the casinos had to make very tough reviews about themselves.

What changes with the gambling agreement 2021:

So far, gambling has been a country thing in USA. However, with the coming changes, gambling is controlled at the federal level. The aim is to liberalise the online business with gambling in the Federal Republic of USA and thus make it competitive in the EU.

The more high-quality game variants a live casino has to offer, the better it will be rated by us. Of course, the quality and the chances of winning must also be consistent. Especially here: quality before quantity!

Those who fear that the casino atmosphere could stay online should look around at the Live Casino. Well-known developers like Evolution Gaming or NetEnt have done a real feat here in the last few years. Players can enjoy games like Roulette and Black Jack in an intense atmosphere. This is made possible by video broadcasts. Players will be connected to game rounds with real dealers via webcam and will be able to follow the hustles at the table as they are in a real casino. The quality of the live dealer games has increased enormously over the last few years. Likewise, the selection. Some online casinos will present you more than 100 gaming tables in the live area.

There are quite serious online casinos, but there are also casinos that go into the race with bad intentions. If you opt for an honest and serious casino, you can be quite sure that you will be treated well there, and that your winnings will be paid out to you on time, unless you really violate the current rules of the casino.

If you suspect an operator, you can turn to the gambling authority, which acts as a mediator in such cases. In case of serious difficulties, it even takes over the management of the customer's credit.


Bingo is no longer the "old people game" and finds more and more fans in the online casino sector as well. At the Bingo, each player gets three number cards and has to form vertical, horizontal or diagonal number rows.

Payment methods with payout option: Visa, bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, SEPA Direct Debit

In USA, Novoline Casinos as well as Mercury online casinos are among the best known, but both developers are no longer able to offer their slot machines online. So there are two big players in this country. Good alternatives offer developers such as Bally Wulff and Play'n GO. There are online casinos where the software must first be downloaded before playing. A lot more often, however, different web standards are used.

We wish you every success. And if you're one of the lucky winners of a jackpot, please let us know.

Especially in the structure of the game rubrics, a good online casino should immediately provide clarity. Especially if the portfolio is very extensive, then the player expects all areas to explain themselves, and that the operability is simple. We have tested all web pages for their intuitive usability, structures and possible "stump perfallen". We will give you our experience in the corresponding section price.

Find the best online casinos with free games

The Belgian legislation allows online gambling, but only under very strict conditions.

The fact that an online casino requires your key data such as name, address or date of birth when registering, is a sign that the provider is keeping to the regulations. This also includes verification of the data by means of a identity document, which can be sent in scanned form via e-mail or as fax to the support. Some companies are even stricter in this respect and also ask for a bill, for example, from the energy supplier, to secure themselves twice.

Currently, Schleswig-Holstein is the only state of Schleswig-Holstein to award licenses for online gambling. So far illegal offers such as online casinos and online poker are in fact largely condoned.

If you imagine that an online casino is applying for the MGA license, then of course you have to submit it to the MGA, which will then check whether the application is correct and whether a payment has been received. Finally, there is a license not for free. A few thousand euros have to be paid for them. In addition, costs for the initial application or the forthcoming applications can also be incurred. So if readers plan to open an online casino, then they should keep that in mind.

In addition to the Gambling Commission, Internet casinos on the European market are also subject to licences from Malta and Gibraltar. Similar to the UK authority, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gambling Commissioner of Gibraltar award state licences to casino providers. Due to their high standards, these two institutions have an excellent reputation. It is not for nothing that these two countries have established themselves as important players in the gambling industry for some time now.

"Gambling addicts are often not stupid people, on the contrary," says attorney Dr. Iris Ober of Bielefeld. She advises gambling addicts who want to get their money back. " Many are academics who can easily compile Excel spreadsheets with all the relevant data. These are quite pfiffige people. "

The fact that there is no serious will to enforce the prohibitions is above all clear by the fact that the underlying payment flows are also not being prevented. It is true that enforcement is mainly due to the fact that gambling providers are deliberately settling in states such as Malta or Gibraltar, which are not subject to an enforcement of US law in the absence of international conventions. However, it is an open secret that betting operations are also paid into US accounts and game profits are disbursed by US accounts. In addition, US payment service providers are involved in the settlement process.