Why Bitcoin in Online Casinos: Quick Guide

As you certainly have noticed, the topic Bitcoin has long since arrived at many casinos. In addition to some BitCasinos, where you can use the cryptocurrency to pay for and pay out, many renowned online casinos have added BTC as payment method to their portfolio. In principle, however, you can rely on a high level of reliability for all casinos, which we have tested extensively in our test reports. In our tests we inform you in detail about our experience with the respective casino and mentioning Bitcoins as a transaction method when this is available. Through our filter, you can also easily view the online casinos that offer bitcoin as their currency. In principle, the transactions are more likely to be classified more quickly than in conventional currencies. Only the payouts can take some time, but this depends heavily on the chosen casino. The bonus programs have also proven to be as reliable as possible. So if you're a Bitcoin fan, then we recommend playing with Bitcoins in online casinos to enjoy all the benefits you have.

It is an online casino that accepts Bitcoin (and sometimes other crypto currencies) as a payment option.

That depends entirely on the online casino. Some providers offer only the cryptocurrencies. Other online casinos, however, also have a colorful mix of payment options available at Bitcoin Casino.

BTC Casino-how does it work?

The payment transaction in itself does not differ significantly from that with other currencies. As a rule, most online casinos rely on traditional payment methods such as digital wallet, credit cards, or multiple forms of bank transfer.

Bitcoin casinos also belong to the safe online casinos, provided that they belong to a valid license of an EU country. In this way, they adhere to strict regulations and regulations.

Not necessarily, although this is actually clearly recommended. Theoretically, you can open an account in a Krypto Exchange and buy Bitcoin there. You can access the Bitcoin address created for this, but it does not belong to you, since only the Exchange has the private key for it. In the web interface of the stock exchange you can send the bitcoins directly to the Bitcoin Casino. The payment from the casino can be done without problems on the stock exchange, where you can exchange the bitcoins in euros again.

The payment method Bitcoin has now been found in more and more online casinos. Since the start of the Oshi Casino in 2014, more than 50 providers are now available with the BTC. Many players who have already come into contact with the BTC outside of gambling would no longer want to miss the advantages of the cryptocurrency in the online casino. Since well-known casinos such as Dluckily or the Wunderino Casino, which has also been equipped with a US licence, have discovered Bitcoin for themselves, not only the availability has increased massively, but also the exclusive game offer. And we assume that in the next few years many more online casinos will be redrawn.

If you want to play Roulette or Blackjack in RNG format or with Live Dealer on the go, you can do this without further information on your smartphone's browser. The grip on Bitcoin as a deposit is certainly an option. Ultimately, however, it is always crucial which policy the game bank pursues in this context. In general, however, mobile payment with BTC should be feasible. Charging and playing credit on the go is therefore no problem.

That would be of course class, but unfortunately you do not get bitcoins for free. The normal way Krypto currencies, as well as Ethereum to be generated, is about mining. But as a casino player, you have alternatives-the bonus without deposit. There you will get Euros instead of Btcs, but after you have played the bonus, you can envy to exchange the profit in Bitcoins

The most popular payment methods

Bitcoin offers many advantages to you and your favorite Bitcoin casino. If you're accustomed to high transaction fees or even blockages in certain credit card transactions, Bitcoins may be just the right thing for you. With Bitcoin, there are no credit card or banking intermediaries that cancel transactions, and bitcoin deposits and withdrawals from and to online casinos can not be blocked by anyone and they are normally also free.

Yes! There are indeed numerous countries with Bitcoin machines and there will be more daily (7,498 automats in 73 countries at the time of the minutes). For more information on the subject of Bitcoin ATMs, please see. And how does it work now? Now, it's actually quite simple-you can either buy or sell Bitcoin in exchange for cash, with the operator then retaining a small fee, which is usually in the range of between 3 %-5%.

Restrictions are only available in countries that have explicitly banned Bitcoin as a means of payment. Fortunately, few countries have restrictions, even though China and India currently have two heavyweights restricting the use of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently only in Algeria, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam, and is currently illegal. A Bitcoin casino will know from your place of residence whether it is allowed to offer you this payment type legally.

The answer is no. You can be sure that web pages that promise you free Bitcoins will mean fraud. The only way to get to Bitcoins is to buy them at an online retailer or to generate them through mining. As you are doing, we will show you detailed information in our Casino Bitcoin test.

Bitcoin is a serious cryptocurrency, which is very safe and easy to use in the application. Nevertheless, it is important to conduct the trade in Bitcoin with an eye-to-eye. This is because the value of this cryptocurrency is often subject to strong fluctuations.

Which reputable online casinos support Bitcoins?

There are many reputable online casinos that support Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Below you can see a list of some Bitcoin Online Casinos.

Yes! Of course, every good Bitcoin Online Casino has a welcome bonus on offer. This is sometimes higher and sometimes lower. However, what will be noticeable to you is that some of the bonuses are available exclusively for users of cryptocurrencies. So it can be good that you can pay with a normal currency in the Bitcoin Online Casino. However, the bonus will only apply to players who use BTC or another cryptocurrency. In addition, you can expect very, very big bonuses with up to 2 BTC as a welcome bonus. This is currently a five-digit amount and thus beats every "real money bus" to lengths. If you're one of the players who prefers to go hunting for bonuses, a Bitcoin Online Casino is exactly the right address for you.

There is still a long way to go to a comprehensive range of Bitcoin casinos. Until then, the payment with Bitcoin is a nice alternative to the classic payment methods, but mostly only a supplement.

Our recommendation is clearly at this point at Bitcasino.io. This is a reputable supplier, who has been on the market for a number of years, has great bonus gifts for the users in stock and can also shine with many positive reviews.

Finally, we always check out exactly the background of a special casinos. Only in this way can it be ensured that it is guaranteed to be a reliable and serious partner. We examine, among other things, the countries in which authorisations exist and what experience the companies that stand behind the providers have already gained in the field of gambling. Then we give an assessment of whether and how much the respective casinos are to be trusted. We would like to point out that these opinions are mostly very subjective. We let our experience play and look at the extent to which a casino can stand up to our criteria.

Yes, there is a Bitcoin Casino bonus. The BitCasino.io has special BTC bonuses in the program. Whether for stock customers or new players, this online casino is always thinking of new bonus actions.

Transaction Duration for BTC

Bitcoin casinos, in which you pay with BTC, receive money on other payment methods mostly immediately. At BTC, as mentioned in the previous section, the payment fee will be decided. If you want to save money and get through with low transaction fees, that's possible-but then a transfer may take several hours. Of course, this will not help you if you are now in the mood to play a round. Here, too, other cryptocurrencies often transfer faster.

In the casinos that appear (further up on this page) in our leaderboard, there is a lot of bonus to pick up. In doing so, we pay attention not only to fair and feasible conditions, but also to the long-term rewards, such as regular reload bonus and frequent free spouts.

Although the Bitcoin Online Casinos are not known to all users, the trend clearly goes to the Bitcoin Casino. Because by accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, these casinos offer so many new possibilities that it has practically revolutionized the market of online casinos. The customers appreciate the unconditional anonymity and ease of use. The disadvantage is that, at the same time as the reputable providers, many black sheep in the market made themselves wide. Therefore, a careful examination of the provider is recommended prior to registration, especially since nobody takes over the loss in the event of damage.

The limits are different between the individual casino providers. These limits can always be viewed on the side of the respective operator.

We have reviewed the Bitcoin casinos available in USA and have identified the best providers for you. Our test winners unite protection against fraud, good games, attractive bonuses and, of course, the payment method Bitcoin. Which Internet game banks have convinced us, you will find out in our Top Bitcoin Casino list.

Can you also deposit in a Bitcoin casino via other payment options?

Slot.com is an interesting alternative for anyone who wants a Bitcoin Online Casino on its mobile device. It is the first portal that has been designed primarily for mobile use. Nevertheless, it offers a wide selection of different game categories, all of which have been processed for mobile use.

If you have previously backed up your public and private keys, you can still access your credit with any other wallet on any device. If not, the credit for you is lost forever. The thief or finder of your smartphone may still be able to access your mobile phone wallet if it is not protected by a password. Here you will find more information on how Bitcoin works.

Bitcoin is generally a secure payment method. However, customers should carefully check the respective casino, as black sheep as well as what MGA Casino, which Mercury and Novoline offers for US customers, are on the market.